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The idea I would like to pitch would be to bring back/see more of the good ol' server events. Before the server evolved into what it is today, Omnikraft had monthly build competitions, dig arenas and tournaments throughout months of the year. Every event always brought the community together and supplied fun and memories for the players participating. It also gave everyone the chance to win something which made the events better as people were more competitive and interested in winning the prize. My favorite event I participated in was Skywars, not because I won but because the amount of competition and players that participated were ground breaking. Everyone had heaps of fun and still to this day want to see a competition like this again. I understand that these events require staff contribution regardless of whats happening in real life. To work around this would be to assign a specific staff member/dev/player to setup these events. The player/event manager would build/design and organize these events, removing the strain from staff. This person would be completely dedicated to organizing events. This would remove the problem of having staff members not turn up to server events. I have also seen dig arenas/events only having a few people (1-13 people) participating. To get around the problem, another idea would be to advertise more. Post the event on the front page of the forums, make a sign at spawn etc etc. Another idea would be to increase the prize's worth. Eg: instead of being into win a few diamonds, make it a few keys or better make it a Legendary pickaxe that could be won etc etc.

What do you think? Would you like to see community events make a return? Why or why not? comment below!
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Posted Jan 10, 18 · OP · Last edited Jan 10, 18
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I'm interested in helping out always loved these events. I am willing to build some lobbys / arenas for them if needed I am not the best to ask for actually hosting the server and stuff in my opinion we could maybe get back the old OK Event server and maybe have a event every week or 2 weeks and 1 UHC a month and get back the old winners page where it told you who won which competitions and stuff. from my experience missle wars, skywars, build battle and UHC were the most enjoyed events and would love to see them back the build battle could be hosted in the server it self in the crea world but for the others ya really need a dedicated server / seperate world for it. and as for reward maybe give the winners a few keys depending on what size of event it is and maybe for some events have some custom stuff you can only get from event wins so it encourages people to participate to them.
Posted Jan 11, 18