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Important Valentine's Week Sale, and a Thank You

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When we initially started VentureKraft, we had $300 to start up the server. After spending a third of that just for the first month of the server, we wern't sure for the future of VentureKraft. If donations didn't bring in any money, there was a chance we'd be 3 months and done.

However, that didn't happen. You guys contributed amazingly in the first month of the server, and have continued your amazing support ever since. Now, after hitting a little over $4,000 in total donations, we can't thank you enough for all that you have contributed. It means a lot to us that you are willing to put your trust into us that we will continue to maintain VentureKraft and your rewards for making you small or large donation will be kept forever. We've still got people who bought VIP back in June of 2013, and still have it here on VentureKraft today. I'm sure there are still some ranks from NewKraft too, but that can't be confirmed.

From the $550 that BuzzXBee has donated, to the $1 from RageForDiamonds, to the $5 that
OooAmadeus paid for VIP last week, we truly are very grateful for every donation, small or large.

However, there's no point to VentureKraft if it's just few people who are willing to pitch in some money. Heck, Bee could go run her own server with the $550 she's spent here. However, the reason she stays here is because of the community. Don't think we don't appreciate you if you haven't donated. You're just as important to the foundation of our server as the donators.

To the donators, the members, the staff team, and those of you whom are a combination of multiple of those, thank you. VentureKraft would never be what it is today without you.

I find it difficult to show my appreciation for all of you. Today, we've started a sale on the shop to try and show our appreciation for everyone that's a part of VentueKraft. Everything on the store is 25% off from now until noon next Saturday.

But like I mentioned above, we appreciate everyone on the server equally. For that, I've added a /kit Valentine for you to use if your way of giving isn't financially.

Myself? I haven't donated a single dollar to VentureKraft. I donate my time, obviously, in the form of being a staff member, manager, and now an owner.

Thank you, everyone
- brjedi
Posted Feb 10, 18 · OP
Thanks Jedi! I will spend the keys wisely :d
The next best thing since sliced television.
Posted Feb 10, 18
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I agree with Bee , only the community attracts me back to Minecraft once in a while when I get bored of it , Super happy to be a part of this community
Posted Feb 10, 18