Do not comment on appeals unless you are asked to.
Don't do it. If you're an older member you should know by now it is not allowed.
If you're new, we don't want people commenting on appeals because more often than not it derails the whole appeal process. In many cases before it causes the person appealing to respond to your comment instead of staff's which throws the appeal off topic and makes the process take longer. In other cases it's happened while staff aren't immediately available, so the person appealing and someone else commenting go back and forth often in arguments and the appeal has to be closed because it has gone so far off track, forcing the member to appeal again.
If you are involved with the appeal somehow, please wait for a staff member to ask you to comment.
We are really trying to make the appeal process as quick as we can for people and though you may be involved, a response from others involved aren't always needed. If they aren't and you comment anyways you could likely derail the process in any of the ways stated above. Staff may have specific questions for you though, which is why I said wait for a staff member to ask and NOT the person appealing.
If you really feel you MUST add something to the appeal process, don't. No "I know I'm not supposed to comment but", but nothing. It's a rule and if someone is repeatedly commenting on appeals when not asked to we will punish accordingly. If you have something you want to say, PM a staff member whatever it is so they can add it to the appeal if needed and avoid all player conflicts or topic changes.

Too many players are commenting on appeals again. We've added that anyone who comments on appeals will receive a 24 hour temp ban