I have installed and hidden a new shop somewhere in spawn. It contains a selection of very overpowered and fun items. These items however come at a great cost. Some are also limited run items and will not be given out after they are all purchased. More items will be released as time goes on. Prices are subject to change at any time and without notice. Items that have been purchased will be restocked weekly unless that item is a limited item and has ran out of series. ANY THEFT OF THESE ITEMS WILL RESULT IN A 1 WEEK BAN AUTOMATICALLY!!!!! The items currently available and their prices to those who are able to find the shop are as follows.

shovel+2_1518889753.png shovel+1_1518889753.png leath+2_1518889753.png leath+1_1518889753.png legs+2_1518889754.png legs+1_1518889754.png sword+2_1518889754.png sword+1_1518889754.png helmet+2_1518889755.png helmet+1_1518889755.png palte+2_1518889755.png plate+1_1518889756.png boots+2_1518889756.png boots+1_1518889756.png fortune+10+2_1519193209.png fortune+10_1518889757.png