Hey everyone!

Some of you might remember me, I was an active member a time ago but unfortunately I didn't have the time anymore nor dedication to play Minecraft. On last season I played for a little bit and made some progress on Eagleview together with Clumby. But after a while I quit because of lacking time.

But this season eagleview will rise again!

I have not designed anything yet the only things that are set is the chosen biome so whoever joins from the start will start making plans and designs from scrath together with me.

What will Eagleview be ?

Eagleview is a town like no other. Based in between land and sea, Eagleview uses Medieval building styles to create a authentic town.

What is different this season?

The biggest difference will be the change of the towns biome. We will be moving from a mesa to a plain biome close to the sea. Why ? Eagleview will have a expansion in the sea. so it will be some kind of structure beaneath the sea. Also we will be building in expansion so at first will be the inner circle with in the middle the palace. And then we will be expanding around.

Now are you a skilled builder and you love building medieval buildings, then feel free to message me on discord.
I hope I will not be building the walls of Eaglieview on my own again, but this time group with people who like to chat and share the same love for medieval buildings!