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My Mom always told me that there are good people in this world who are dealt a bad hand by fate, and bad people who live long, comfortable, privileged lives - I am a good person, but my immaturity, bad decision making and overall low integrity
has costed me such a rare opportunity to be apart of a close knit community like VentureKraft. I take full responsibility for what I have done, but being 14 years old at the time, my decision making skills were not there and thought
that I could do whatever, whenever I wanted to. I was given nine changes to change, and took those opportunities and threw them out as if they were trash. You don't understand how much I regret that. and for that I am truly sorry.

I can say that I have changed, which did not show on the day that I was on the server for the first time in a year plus - and all I can really say is sorry. I honestly and truly forgot about
the rules, and made a honest mistake, and again i'm sorry.

I know the odds are infinitesimal for me joining back because, as hard as it is to say, I've been banned nine times on OmniKraft, but I have to give it a shot as I just can't leave without anything being said. 

From your side it an obvious no, but my mistakes are left on OmniKraft and won't show on VentureKraft - and I can promise that. My promises might not mean anything to you, and it does not mean we will never disagree, nor does it mean that you will always like everything which I say or do. but to me, it means that I will be faithful to this community, and that I will not intentionally or carelessly behave in a way which causes upset or doubt in the community.

Bad behavior only continues for those who allow it, and as cliche as it sounds, I will not allow it. I allowed it for those nine other times,
but I can't allow this behavior to continue. These are just words, and I have to show this through action which might not happen ever again, but I accept what ever outcome is to come.

Thank you OmniKraft for being there through 3ish years of my life, I will never forget what you provided me with, and how I could forget about my bad days and focus on this wonderful, life giving community.
Posted Dec 16, 18 · OP
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Thank you for appealing and the kind words, but the appeal is still denied.
I'm sorry but it's been like the boy who cried wolf. You were warned and banned so many times and every time you'd give a long, well thought out appeal just like this one saying how you changed and it will never happen again, but it did every time. I want to believe you this time, I really do, but you've had 9 chances and even accidentally had an opportunity to show us you've change when the ban list was messed up. But even that accidental chance you showed us you aren't ready to come back. Again you try and excuse your actions, but not knowing the rules is not an excuse for breaking them. Every new member that applies is required to read the rules and agree to them before joining the server. Being gone from the community so long the first thing you should do when trying to return is read the rules again, especially since the servers did change in that time. You would have no idea if any rules were added or changed. I'm sorry but 9 chances is more than enough and more than most people get. I hope you're able to find another server that is a better fit for you, and I hope you really have changed and mean all that you've said.
Posted Dec 19, 18