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[SOLVED] The Journal of Reverend Ken Taftur - Page 1 - Frank Verutét

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Hello everyone! I was exploring round SMP earlier and came accross one of those sunked ships. In one of the chests was a book signed by a Rev. Ken Taftur. It appears to be some sort of diary with multiple pages, and I could so with some help working them out.

Heres the first page:

Day 6, Put to rest.

I never dreamed that when I woke today I would be laying to rest my great friend, and legendary explorer Frank Verutét. He left in his will that his final resting place be secret, but that hints be given so that his adventuring will can go on.

Reluctantly, it is my job to one day spread these clues, in the hopes that a worthy adventurer will claim the loot, and continue his legacy!

Any person who finds the grave site is entitled to the whole sum of its wealth. I’ve enclosed a photo of the entrance with the hopes it will assist you in recognising the site.

Here are his clues:
“With a face, hands but no body,
22 past 4 your prep must be done

Where man can walk, but then no longer,
As far as the maps are run

Shadowed by a crown of oak,
Never to see the setting sun

Where the colours parade naturally,
There you shall find the campaign won”

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The site was not near any privately owned property, and does not require any destruction to be found!

Good luck!

Rev. Ken Taftur

If you do find it, make sure to let everyone know!


Posted Jan 5, 19 · OP · Last edited Jan 5, 19
For those who missed this event, it was claimed by DaDastroyer999 for the ISCT
Posted Jan 6, 19