As expected, I have been unable to decipher the 2nd page of Ken Tafturs Journal. I have once again decided to post it here in the hopes that one of you will be successful where I have failed.

Here it is:

Day 13,

Its been a week since I laid my good friend Frank Verutét to rest. I have begun going through his old belongings, and amongst them were his adventure logs. A fantastic read, but it appears he was taken before he could complete his last entry.

A possible new adventure?

I had heard tales growing up, of the Omnians, and how the people mysteriously met their demise after the falling of the star. One by one they attempted to reach it, but as the legend says, not one of them made it there.

A little over a week ago, I was enjoying a drink in the Tavern at the centre of the world. A small fight broke out, and the instigator challenged his target to a duel. It must’ve been around 2/3 of the way from there to the Dueling Arena that I first caught glimpse of the structure. An ancient archive, constructed by the Omnians. I split from the group, and made my way down into its depths.

I was was unable to gain entry to the Archive, as it required a small group to do so. I tried breaking my way in, but a voice in my head told me this wasn’t the path I should take. I left the archive, vowing to return one day with company to uncover its secrets, and possibly the location of the fallen star.

Since then, I have grown weaker, and my plans to return have grown further unlikely. If I even recover I shall find the location of the star, but if not, I shall entrust my burial with my great friend Ken Taftur.


It appears to reference the site where the location of the fallen star is held. over the years tales of this star have mentioned it may contain the essence of the universe, and the finder is likely to inherit quite some wealth!

I only hope that one day someone braver than myself finds this structure like Verutét did, and embarks on the journey to find the fallen star.

-Rev. Ken Taftur

Good luck everyone. It looks like you won’t need to break anything to find what Verutét couldn’t, so be sure not to cause any damage.

If you do find the fallen star, be sure to let us all know!